Parent Referral Programme

Get rewards with each successful Admission!

The Vivekananda School, Gurgaon has been making many efforts to create a safe and happy learning environment for our students even during this Lockdown. Ever since the schools adopted the new normal of teaching and learning, we have left no stone unturned in making this process comfortable and enriching for our students. We have diligently worked on training ourselves and our teachers to embrace the new normal and master the nuances of digital teaching. It is encouraging that we have received appreciation of the same from many of you. As a gesture of our appreciation, we are now introducing a Parent Referral Programme, whereby existing parents can refer other parents and receive a reward once the referred parent’s ward is enrolled with us.

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Referral Process
The process of referral rewards is as follows:
.  Write to us with name and contact details of the referred student / family at
.  You will receive an acknowledgement from the Admissions team.
.  We will inform you when the child is enrolled with The Vivekananda School.
.  You may refer as many parents as you wish.
Referral Policy
.  The Referee Parent will be entitled to a 25% waiver on the current session’s annual fees of their ward as reward.
.  The Referred Parent will be entitled to a 60% waiver on the Admission Fee of their Ward at the       time of enrollment.
A referral will be considered successful only
.  If the referred parent mentions in the walk-in & admissions form the full name and details of the       referee.
.   Once the referred parent enrolls his or her ward at The Vivekananda School and the fees is paid.