#MeetTheTeachers: How Teachers Influence Your Child

"A teacher is deeply involved with the flowering of human beings – J. Krishnamurti

The eminent philosopher, J. Krishnamurti believed that the teaching profession is the highest profession in the world and he felt that because in the hands of the teachers lie the whole future generation. Teachers have a notable influence on your child. Teachers follow their students through each pivotal stage of their life. Through six to eight hours a day, five days a week, teachers become one of the most influential people in your child’s tryst with education.

Teachers not only watch their students grow but help them grow and guide students as they traverse in their new phase of life. The role of a teacher is not just passing on the knowledge but motivating and cultivating your child’s mind. An influential teacher connects with your kids and make them on to the higher levels and are committed to their well-being both inside and outside the classroom. Most of the important life’s are not through the curriculum but from the teachers. In our culture, we have always recognized the teacher as a very influential aspect of one’s life and we have regarded as: “Acharya Deva Bhava” which means, a teacher is like god.

Your child’s achievements are affected by three key elements - the school, the teacher and stream. But by far the most significant influencing factor is the quality of the teacher: what’s his or her background, what’s his or her method, how’s he or she going to make a difference in your kid’s education journey.

Our recent poll on Facebook rings this true and suggests that teacher’s quality accounts more in comparison to school’s infrastructure.

At The Vivekananda School , we put a great emphasis on the mother-teacher concept which is to develop an emotional bond between the learner and teacher feel that teachers are souls of any school that keep the spirit of education intact.

Here are some beautiful quotes that exhibit the passion of our teachers when it comes to the profession of teaching and their students:

“To teach is to teach the future, this is my passion, and nothing great in the world has even been accomplished without passion.”– Kavita Sharma, the Principal

“Becoming a teacher and moulding the children through surplus knowledge and skills to adjust in all walks of life inspired me to become a teacher so that I can impart values and contribute what I have learned and experienced over the years.”– Natasha Sood, English & Social Studies

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