Things Parents Need to Keep in Mind Before Choosing A School for Their Kid

A school is an institution which imparts knowledge and instruction to the children. You need to make sure that School you choose provides all round development of your child with: Life Skills, Social Skills, Holistic and Spirituality.

Here are the things that you need to keep in mind before choosing a school for your kid.

Basic facilities

Take a stroll across the school to see if all the facilities promised in the brochure are there. The classrooms need to have plenty of natural right and be spacious. The school must have an outer field or a play area for your kid. Also look whether the school is clean and well maintained. Have a talk with existing student and parents. They can provide valuable feedback about the school.


It is ideal to find the best available schools closest to your place of residence. This helps from a safety point of view and to prevent your kid from feeling discomfort of a long journey to and from his or her school every day and also helps in saving cost involved. For future perspective, you would need to also keep in mind that school has classes up to 12 as it becomes difficult to getting your kid admitted to senior classes.

Teaching methodology

One of the things that is topmost in the minds of new parents is teachers. How are the teachers. You will need to have a talk with teacher to study teacher's mind view. A teacher's skills, knowledge and enthusiasm are the key for your kid's good future. You will also need to take an account of student-teacher ratio. A teacher is a second parent during school hours so you will need to find the qualities of friendliness.


Each board of education in India has a different curriculum, way of teaching and focus on various subject. You will have to see their syllabus on their online portals and decide which board will be best suited for your kid to grow as per his or her capabilities and interest. The popular boards of education followed are: ICSE, SSC, State Boards.

In conclusion, the quality of education, teacher-student interaction remains the main factor but the need to develop your kid's creative, physical and social skills should be given same importance.

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