Q.1- Do kids go out to play & is there supervision?

Answer- Yes, Kids are taken out to play depending upon the weather condition, generally in morning in the winters & evening in the summers. Teachers & helpers take them out, kids can't go out on their own as there is access control on the door. Also, the kids are never left unsupervised, even when they are sleeping someone is always there in the room.

Q.2- Why you don't take admissions below 9 months?

Answer- Below 9 months kids are too small & vulnerable due to low immunity. They need to be on mother's feed & be under family's supervision.

Q.3- My child does not eat properly.

Answer- Yes, We will give attention to your kids & if you look at our food menu has variety of dishes which sometimes not practical to cook at kid to explore & develop habits of eating variety of foods. With their peer group, kids initiate to eat maximum dishes & start eating on their own.

Q.4- How do you potty train to my little one?

Answer- Potty training, we start after 24th months of age. We take children frequently to washroom & keep the kid diaper free for some time. We request you to do the same at home.

Q.5- I don't want my child to cry at all. Can you ensure he never cries or get cranny?

Answer- Crying is natural way to communicate for child, to express discomfort or anxiety. Instead of avoiding, we need to listen to child's communication look after their bodily needs & give them a sense of safety & comfort.

Q.6- Why don't you open on saturday? Why your timing are close at 6:30 pm? We need till 8 pm.

Answer- Hygine of our centres is crucial & on saturday we do deep cleaning of the center & carry on repair & maintenance. We also do regular pest control to keep the space safe. Our office hours are till 6:30pm since we have all female staff & their safety is prime, so we need to ensure they reach home safely hence. We cannot extend it much.

Q.7- Do all kids sleep at the same time?

Answer- No, when kids join us initially he/she takes time to settle down with our daily routine as their body clocks is not turned to centre's routine but gradually most children adopt to the schedule moreover, we let them take their own time to get into the schedule with your partnership & some kids may not adopt to the schedule, so we engage them in silent activities.